Refund, Return, and Privacy Policy typically is not able to and does not offer refunds on a deposit paid on a structure. The deposit you pay is for us to begin work on processing and the fulfillment of your order.  Refunds and Deposits provided to manufactures and dealers are the direct responsibility of those company’s.

Building Codes: It is our recommendation that each customer check on the building codes of their local jurisdiction regarding all permits. CA Carport recommends that all customers purchase a certified building to assure that their structure meets all building codes for your area. Engineer Stamped Plans are available at an additional charge of $100 and site specific plans are also available.

Level Land: It is required that the site not be more than 4? out of level in order to safely install your structure. If your site is more than 4? out of level you are required to do the necessary site prep and/or have the supplies available to the installers if you wish them to assist you. Installation crews are not required to prepare your site. You may negotiate with installer to prepare you site but will be subject to additional fees.

If you have any questions, please email or call in order to have them answered before placing your order. In the event that you do cancel your order for any reason, the deposit/down-payment for your order cannot be refunded. By ordering you are agreeing to this policy. is not responsible for any manufacturers, delivery agents, or delivery agents’ guarantees, warranties, installation issues, delivery times, and any other unforeseen problem(s) that could arise throughout the process of delivery, shipping and/or installation. Any and all of these issues would need to be addressed through those vendors directly.

If you decide to cancel an order after the first 72 hours but before a date is set for installation due to circumstances with the manufacturers, installers, delivery, etc. we may be able to reassign your order to one of our other vendors to assure your satisfaction. However, by cancelling this order and having it reassigned your installation and delivery will not receive priority over other customers and you may have to wait up to 90 days to have your structure installed

Order Modification Policy

Change orders or modifications are subject to a minimum $75 change-order fee, up to a maximum of an additional 10% of the cost of the building, for each modification to an existing order in addition to any increase in cost of the structure or materials from the order modification.

If you need to make a change to an existing order within the initial 3 day period, there is one order modification that will not have an change-order fee assessed.

Discount Policy:

Any discounts or promotions that are issued by will be issued in the form of a refund after the structure has been successfully installed, unless specified otherwise.

Privacy Policy:

We value all of our customer data. In order to assure the best price and quality of building is provided to you, we may share data with our manufactures and dealers. No information is sold or provided to any entities other than our direct manufactures and dealers.

By using this website and/or our contact forms you agree to all terms stated herein

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